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Tom Andrews 1

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews was thrust into the spotlight after appearing on Ellen yesterday. Tom’s a young singer/songwriter from Devon, UK and at only 16 he’s got quite the soulful voice. Ellen is knowing for finding relativity unknown artists and giving them quite a bit of fame so, no pressure Tom! He’s covered song by artist...

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Charlie plays the Ukulele

[charlieissocoollike] [Download] It’s been a long time since the last CuteTube video. I just don’t visit YouTube anymore and I haven’t seem much pop up on my radar. Let me know if you come across anything!

Logan Lerman 5

Logan Lerman

Happy 18th Logan Lerman! Here he is in Meet Bill. (spoilers)

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Boys on Film: Wrecked

Wrecked (2009) is an edgy drama about a gay teen’s tumultuous decent into drugs and anonymous sex, Wrecked smashes cinematic taboos while it spins its cautionary tale. Ryan is an earnest 18-year-old trying to develop a career as an actor and getting his life on the right track. This course...

Boys on Film: Beautiful Thing 5

Boys on Film: Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing is a heartwarming story of two young men coming to grips with their sexuality and the effect it has on the people in their lives. Awful plot descriptions aside (seriously, I couldn’t find a good one), Beautiful Thing is an amazing film that everyone must see. This screen...